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My main focus is brand management consulting. I assist businesses in auditing, assessing, developing, and deploying traditional or non-traditional creative and digital strategies to maximize resources and achieve specific goals. In other words, I help grow businesses by strengthening their brands with creative solutions to everyday challenges.

My experience in advertising, design, media, and digital platforms has provided me with the tools to create complete branded print and digital content. The challenge of communicating between brands and audiences is what keeps me fired up and continually looking for new solutions to old problems. Please visit the DESIGN PORTFOLIO section of the site to view a sampling of the projects I have had the privilege to work on over the years. To view works in the galleries please either click on the small navigation buttons to the right of each gallery or click on the “read more” links to explore each gallery further.

If you have a business, product, or idea that the world needs to know more about, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss how to help achieve any goals you or your company may have.




From time to time I have been known to pick up a paint brush or camera to keep my creative skills balanced and sharp, so I have included Fine Art and Photography galleries which are constantly under construction. Please check back in from time to time to look for updates or see what’s new and keep an eye out for my new store front you can purchase some really cool works and products featuring my art work. Great gifts for the holidays!


Thank you and enjoy!

-Ross Brown

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